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Best Rebuild Order

Post by MentalScientist » Sat Jan 05, 2019 5:02 pm

Happy New Year to everyone reading :)

I'm finally in the process of rebuilding my XT600 after stripping it down about a year. I've had the frame powder coated and I'm cleaning everything up ready to go back together.

I'd really like peoples advice and experience about the best way of rebuilding the bike. I've restored an old DT250MX before and I remember getting the the bike rolling first, then lifting the engine into place. That was a lot lighter engine so in my mind, for this bike, I was thinking of fitting the engine to the frame first and then the rear swingarm, followed by the front forks and wheel and finally the rear wheel.

I should also add that I'm doing this in my kitchen so very limited workshop facilities!

I fully expect to be made to look like an idiot with much easier methods so fire away!

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